Poncho & The Bohemian || Rustic Bones









Nothing makes me feel more free than being in a poncho and enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. In a way it’s very therapeutic, escaping the difficulties of everyday life and realizing what is really “real.” We would be absolutely nothing without nature, and we should appreciate the beauty it brings.

Although winter brings its own type of beauty, I am enjoying this nice weather where I don’t have to bundle up when I go outside. Throwing on one of my favorite ponchos from Express and a beautiful necklace from Catori Life was a treat. I’ve talked about Catori Life before but their products never seize to amaze me. They have the perfect bohemian pieces to bring out your inner free spirit!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Express Poncho

Charlotte Russe Bodysuit

Catori Life Necklace

Forever21 Jeans

Freebird Boots

►►► Original Post by one of our favorite Bloggers and Brand ambassadors  Jessica of Rustic Bones

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