On Tea | Love Matcha

One of my favorite things is sipping on hot matcha on a walk through the woods in the early morning in summer or in the cool days of fall or winter.
Matcha is a powdered green tea that you whisk in hot or cold water. It has traditionally been used in Japanese tea ceremonies, but now people are discovering its vast healing and preventative qualities.
It is so high in catechins (a strong antioxidant found in what we call superfoods) that the National Cancer Institute believes it actually prevents cancer. The polyphenols in matcha have been shown to inhibit tumor growth, protect your skin from UV rays,  detox the the body, assist in weight loss and aid exercise performance… all at a much increased rate than you typical green tea.  Matcha gives you a sustainable, uplifting energy boost, minus the jitters, that lasts throughout the day.
Traditionally Matcha is made in a ceremonial way in a Matcha bowl. A bamboo whisk is used to bring the tea to a froth.  Alot of people prefer their tea this way, while others prepare it in a much less traditional way, adding sweetener and milk.

Warming matcha latte recipe  ➳

Make your matcha & add

1 pinch of cinnamon,

1 pinch of ginger

1 tbsp coconut oil

almond milk & honey to your liking


One last note…
You can go buy a little jar of matcha for $30 at wholefoods or your local coop… OR you can go on amazon and buy it organic, in a larger quantity and straight from japan for half of that.
My favorite is Ryu Mei.


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