Tuesday Tarot | Weekly Energy Reading from Wild Woman Creative

Tuesday Tarot has arrived! Today I have done a three card spread for the week. The first card to the left is our most recent past, the middle card is our present, and the last card to the right is where we are headed. I have channeled the energy of the week for this reading.

Every week, our tarot reading will vary. Sometimes it will be a three card spread, and other times it may be a single card for us to focus on throughout the week.

I am so happy to be delivering a reading to all you lovely + beautiful spirits every week!

Below I have interpreted the reading shown above. Enjoy!

JPEG image-72C370F68D28-1

JPEG image-DAE9D3520363-1JPEG image-38E419C9C3AE-1

This week, remember the lesson from adventure and reminisce on the feeling of discovery. It is not too late to ground yourself and reconnect with Earth Medicine. Sit with your back against a tree and soak in her wisdom.

Utilize the present energy of strength. Remember to be compassionate and patient with yourself and others. Everyone is fighting a battle, so it is important to lift up your fellow sister when she is down. This will strengthen your heart and karma. Through this strength, a chain that has been holding your heart and crushing your spirit will break free. A sense of ease will wash over you. Embrace the wild + free energy. Let your inner goddess and honor her.

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