Tarot Tuesday | Mystical Sense of Self

This weeks reading comes from the Animal Spirit Deck by The Wild Unknown. While channeling this reading, I have laid out the cards for aspects of the present. These three cards speak to current events, lessons, or guides all dealing with our sense of self.

The Stingray urges us to develop and embrace our sense of self and to be confident. You are born with a set of gifts that are unique to you. You are a being that should be celebrated. It is important to discover your boundaries and your value to yourself, for others will see you as you see yourself. It is easy to step into the stride of familiarity. Dare to have the confidence to fulfill your dreams and utilize your unique capabilities.

The center guidance card, the Dragon, is one of the spirit. The Dragon comes to us to awaken our inner goddess. You are a power in your own way, breathing talent, soaring to new heights. The confidence from Stingray has unleashed the Dragon within and has awakened and fed your spirit. Dragon urges us to let go and to not let the petty annoyances or issues hold you back.

Lastly, the right guidance card, is Otter. Otters are great lovers, friends, and counsellors. Otter comes to us to remind us that play is just as important as work. Through the rush of confidence, creativity, and talent, it is important to remember to let lose and take some quality time with the ones you love. They are your biggest cheerleaders in life, so show them how much you appreciate their support by taking the time to celebrate them!

This week, get into nature and see what animals present themselves. Or pay extra attention to the wisdom that Mother Earth delivers to you throughout your day.

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