The Blessing of Purification | Tarot Tuesday

Mercury Retrograde is in full swing. This three-card spread revolves around just that.This time can seem difficult, scattered, and nonsensical. But you have been blessed with change, purifying energy, and the chance for inner-reflection and growth.

Past: The Tower

Due to Mercury approaching the end of its Direct period, you may have experienced a rocky transition with no explanation. The channels of communication may have been blurred or your plans and trips may have seemed lackluster. The feeling of control has slowly been lost to the Universe, as though you are watching the beginning of a forest fire, and there is nothing you can do but to watch it burn. Funny thing about forest fires, they are healthy and necessary to the lush forest. It makes way for new plants to grow in the sunlight, where before there was too much shade for vegetation to flourish. The fire cleanses and purifies the woods so that rebirth and rejuvenation can begin. Such was this time before Mercury Retrograde. Surrender to the fire, and let it cleanse your spirit.

Present: The Hermit

Due to the fire energy that surrounds you from The Tower, you may have withdrawn into your shell. The Hermit is a card of reflection, spiritual meditation, and emotional work. When there is a sense of control that is lost, the best thing is always to reconnect with your inner-self. This is the time to work on yourself, because you deserve  your attention, love, and understanding. Sometimes, life can be so busy and chaotic, that we forget that we deserve some time with ourselves. Do not regret shying away from social situations during this time. Through solitude comes wisdom.

Near Future: 7 of Pentacles

This is a card of patience. Through The Hermit card, you have done a lot of building inner-strength. Now you are ready to emerge from your shell and do what needs to be done to get everything in order. But, because of Mercury Retrograde, you may still encounter obstacles, and the order of things may still be a little out of whack. This card asks us to be patient, for our hard work will not go unnoticed. Be patient, all of the rewards from your hard work and dedication will soon pay off. Take time to look at the forest around you and the handiwork of the fire. What are you grateful for? What rewards are you already reaping?

The opportunity of purification has infused your life with sunlight. Your surroundings may seem grim, but it is only what you make it. This is a blessing. So plant yourself where there once was shade, but now there is warmth and light, and grow.


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