Creatively Charismatic | Tarot Tuesday

This week, I have drawn a single card. I went into the Rocky Mountains armed with Obsidian, performed a grounding ceremony (meditating against a tree and giving thanks to the Earth for her wisdom by sage-ing to song), and then asked the cards what the next week will bring.

-The Son of Wands

This card is an energy filled with creativity and free-spirit. He is charming, alluring, and carries a restlessness within himself. The Son rises through his creativity and embraces the powers and attributes that he receives.

Having an archetype drawn for the energy of the week tells me that this card either speaks to you and your characteristics, a person that you will encounter or will be of vital support this week, or a guide that will gift you with this energy.

You may feel a restlessness and a need to take a break from the heavy energy that Mercury Retrograde has brought. So, get in the car, go for a drive in the mountains, ground yourself in the forest with a grounding ceremony, breathe in the wild air and let it cleanse your spirit. When you are ready to return home you will be filled with creative energy. Express this energy in anyway that you can. Dance in your living room, hum as you do your chores of the day, or finally paint that wall in the living room.

Do not let this restlessness sit for too long. Embrace your talents and creative energies and let them flow.

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