Red Chili Sea Salt Chocolate covered Strawberries


I used to make chocolate in a  Mayan chocolate house here in Santa Fe. Every once in awhile I get the urge to make chocolate again, and when I do I always realize how silly I am for not doing it more often. These are delicious and super simple. The chili and sea salt give the classic  chocolate covered strawberry a unique kick and the flavor is so much closer to that of traditional Mayan chocolate.

The really important thing about making chocolate is that you really must make it an experience…  Because chili, strawberries and chocolate are some of the sexiest foods out there.



Now, I’m not gonna show you how to actually MAKE the chocolate, in the form were using it. Were gonna keep it simple and just melt down chocolate chips and skip the hard part.


  • Two containers of ripe strawberries
  • Some GOOD Red Chili Powder. If you don’t have a source  here’s one
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
  • One bag of your favorite dark chocolate chips. The higher quality the better and fair trade is awesome too 🙂
  • Some good music ( I tend to go with flamenco when I’m making chocolate… but that’s just me.)
  • Some good red wine and a sexy outfit… even if your alone. Just trust me. The chocolate needs all the love.


First things first. Turn on your music. Pretty loud is best and pour yourself a glass of wine.

  • Wash your strawberries, and dry them, so there is no water left on them at all. Any water that gets into your chocolate will ruin it. Well, it wont ruin it I suppose, but it will be all chunky and not very pretty. It will still taste ok though… it just wont look very impressive…
  • Prep your space. Make sure you have adequate counter space for your chocolate, your strawberries (which should be dried and in a bowl by now) along with a baking tray or cutting board with a cookie sheet on it. Place your sea salt and some extra chili in separate little bowls or cups close to where you will lay your strawberries once they’re dipped.
  • Pour the bag of chocolate chips into a small crockpot on medium to high. If you have a melanger, thats awesome, use that, otherwise, a crockpot is fine. Once the chocolate begins to melt you will need to stir consistently at an even pace so it doesn’t burn. This is why we need the music and vino. Have fun with it… the more you enjoy making your chocolate the better it will be!
  • Begin adding pinches of chili to the chocolate while continuing to stir. Taste it every couple pinches until the spice is to your liking. I put ALOT of chili in my chocolate, I like the heat. So, my suggestion is be liberal… you seem like the adventurous type anyways. oh yeah, and were putting more on top at the end so leave room in your taste buds for that…
  • Once the chocolate is fully melted and you have the added the right amount of chili to your taste it’s time to dip. Take a strawberry, dip it into the chocolate so its covering about 2/3 of the strawberry, and then quickly place it on the cooking sheet. While the chocolate is still hot,  grab a pinch of chili and sprinkle it down the center of the strawberry, and then do the same with the sea salt over the chili. You want to do this while the chocolate is hot so that the chili and salt stick to the surface before it cools. Repeat until you have a giant tray of amazing chocolate covered strawberries! When your finished dipping and sprinkling, place the tray into the refrigerator to set for about 30 – 60  minutes.


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