New Perspectives | Tarot Tuesday

As the monsoon storms rolled across the Sangre de Cristos and brought a refreshing + cooling energy, there never seemed to be a better time to pull some cards for our weekly tarot reading. I used a citrine in this reading for manifestation and clarity. This particular Citrine is amazing because it has been bonded with 24k gold, which brings in divine energy and light.

-This week, I have done a recent past | present | near future spread-

Recent Past | The Empress

The Empress is a fertile, creative, and divine feminine card. She is the Queen of the tarot, and rules her kingdom with great wisdom and rooted love. She is guided by the moon, which influences her moods, decisions, and passions. She is not afraid of the night, for she knows that the moon will light the way through the darkest of hours. If you tuned in last week, The Son of Wands urged us to be creative, to let loose and express ourselves, and to reconnect with our wild surroundings. The Empress has surfaced due to your efforts to embrace your true self. Carry her with you in your heart and do not forget what feeds your inner tree. The Empress needs lunar energy, reconnection with nature, and creativity to continually flourish.

Present | The Chariot

The Chariot is a loyal yet wild breed. Once you have gained his trust, he will carry you on his back towards your goals and desires. He has no saddle, no harness, so the ride may be bumpy. Take what you gain from this rough ride and let it feed your wild side. This will set you apart from others. He is guided by the sun, but is enlightened with moon wisdom. This is how he takes you to new heights. So, dear wild woman, hold out your hand and let the Chariot come to you. Then hop on his back, let the wind brush your hair out of your face, and ride towards the sun, with the moon in your heart.

Near Future | The Hanged Man

At first sight, the Hanged Man can seem dim and dark. But this is only the superficial aspect of this card. The Hanged Man urges us to take on new perspectives, think outside the box, and take a second look at the seemingly dark and melancholy. The Bat has three different views that we do not experience on a daily basis. He is nocturnal and can see in the darkest of nights, he hangs upside-down while he rests, and flies through the air above the tree line. Take a note from Bat and try to see things in a new way. This new perspective can open up a whole new world for you and your creativity. It could even be life-changing. Do not squander this golden opportunity. The Hanged Man will not hang there for long, so seize the chance to view the world differently.Do not be afraid, for you are on the back of the loyal Chariot and possess the wisdom and love of the Empress in your heart.

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