All in the Family | Tarot Tuesday

This weeks reading is really interesting. Quite frankly, it gave me goosebumps with how synchronistic it turned out to be.

What I found so amazing about this reading is that an entire family has surfaced. This tells me that there is connection, love, and support that is surrounding us at the moment. If you take a look around, you might notice that there is a lot of family change and transitions within your own family dynamic as well as those close to you.

I chose Opalized Ammonite (for earth wisdom), Amethyst (for spiritual healing + guidance), and Quartz (for balance + amplification).

Let’s go through the reading card by card:

Past: The Mother of Pentacles

The Mother of Pentacles is a nurturing + grounded Mother. Her love is ever present and she keeps her kin close. She is a silent and calm energy. Her baby finds the most comfort at her Mother’s side. Through Mercury Retrograde, we have been focusing on nurturing our spirits, reconnecting with Mother Earth. This card is the nurturing Mother that supports our dreams and listens to our sorrows. It is not too late to wrap yourself in her embrace. Her loving energy will soothe your spirit, dear one.

Present: Father of Wands

The Father of Wands may seem a little abrasive, but he is just trying to get the job done. We are now in a time of action. With this action, comes change. This is the initiation of the transition within family dynamics. This transition is necessary, and the Father of Wands is here to make sure that the transition is done correctly and in a timely manner while protecting his family. Let him be your guide, for he will strike when appropriate.

Near Future: Daughter of Pentacles

She is the baby kin of our past Mother of Pentacles. She is a little older and a little wiser. She is led by her heart and rooted in the upbringing of her parents. However, she is led to travel and to bring abundant compassion to others. She is a responsible being. The present change and transition will pay-off. Soon, the rainbow will emerge, and your surroundings will settle back down. The family roots and foundation are still present, but the thunderstorm is gone and has left an abundance of color, refreshing air, and a new sense of adventure.

In summary, take these celestial guides and let them lead you through this change and transition. Surround yourself with family and friends. They need your support as much as you need theirs.

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