In honor of you.


Today we honor ALL of the indigenous peoples of the world.  Everyday. As you are the life blood of this planet. We are deeply grateful for your ancient wisdom, your invaluable knowledge and resources and harmonious relationship with our mother earth. Have we remember to say thank you?

We mourn for the losses you’ve endured, and the losses you still endure. And we stand with you. Oh how different our world would be if they never set foot on these lands,  Bringing the fire that would destroy your ways and burn your culture to ashes. But look now, our beautiful phoenix people. You are the sacred ones. The ancient ones, like the redwoods and the sea itself. And now you rise from the ashes and we all seek your wisdom. We see you. We honor your spirit and nurture your roots, so that we may all  regrow, reknow and nurture all. Stand together. Let us bring balance back to our Pachamama. Aho.

Beautiful imagery by Mariana Herrera of Floral Anatomy.

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