In Bloom | Tarot Tuesday

We are back with Tarot Tuesday! This week, I have pulled a past, present, and near future spread. With the recent trials and tribulations, this spread is a welcomed one.


Past | The Lovers

The Lovers card is always a welcomed sight. This card indicates a wealth of love and support from family, friends, or a significant other. Birds of a feather flock together. Keep with your flock and let them love you and lift you when you are down. One day, they too will need your support and love in return.

Present | Daughter of Wands

Presently, it is important to harness your skills and special talents and bloom. Creatively, it is your time to shine. Snake brings transformation, so there may be a shift in your creative work. Embrace the shift and run with it, it will set you free. There is infinite freedom in your corner, do not let others limit your thinking or ability to fully come into yourself and your radiant energy.

Near Future | 3 of Cups

Friendship is on the horizon. Emotionally, we must all ban together and be there for each other. Putting a fellow brother or sister down will not be helpful to either party in the long run. Bring close your nearest confidants and show them your gratitude for their support and positive energy. Embody the sunset and radiate that energy to every one you encounter, you never know when it will turn someone’s day around.

Until next Tuesday, love + light!

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