Issue at Hand | Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday is already here!

Today I have chosen to do an Issue at Hand tarot spread on the lovely new Spirit Cloth by The Wild Unknown Tarot.

Here you can see the top card is the issue we are currently facing. The three bottom cards are surrounding forces and give us a trajectory of how the issue will unfold and (hopefully) resolve. I find this spread to be really interesting (and goosebump inducing) because it is very synchronistic with our Full Moon spread that was done in the last Catori Life newsletter. If you  haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, I urge you to do so. *You’ll never miss a reading or jewelry deal again*

Below, I have broken down the reading. I begin with the issue at hand (the top card in the photo) and continue with the bottom cards, reading from left to right.


Six of Swords | The Issue at Hand

This issue is begging for acceptance, even though it seems fallen + dreary. You cannot push aside this energy or hurdle, you must conquer it. The issue is one of burden and the necessity of letting go. In order for your heart to be free and for you to finally get the energy to travel and to infuse your spirit with fresh air, you must let go of what is burdening your heart. Now is the time to face what you have been pushing aside. No more procrastination. No more anxiously dancing around the issue. Take your strong spirit, look this fear or burden in the eye, and forgive + let go.

Five of Wands | Stage One

The beginning stages of this issue resolution is very scattered and seemingly lost. Creatively and spiritually you may feel like you are constantly trying to fit together a puzzle that is always missing one piece. How can you bring your puzzle together to create one cohesive piece? This energy makes sense to be present in the beginning stages. When you are trying to face an issue and burden that is heavy on your heart, it isn’t always easy to see the real issue. Sometimes, we do not want to see it. Open your heart, meditate, and accept what is keeping you captive.

Father of Wands | Stage Two

The Father of Wands is a guide of action. Specifically creative and spiritual action. He will make his way to you in either your dreams, animal medicine, or through meditation to help you piece together your puzzle. This means that a necessary change and transition will result. This is necessary for our issue at hand. The change can seem scary, but it is the way. Because the only way out is through. Do not be afraid of this dominant and strong energy. He is here to guide + fight for you. Let him. He is wise and he only aims to bestow this wisdom unto you.

Son of Wands | Stage Three

This is the beginning of the end of the resolution. The Son of Cups is a guide of sensitivity, introspection, and emotional fulfillment. He is here to balance the action and ready your heart + spirit for this change and resolution. He is not grounded and is led by his emotions. This teaching will help you to let go. In turn, this will lighten your spirit and take the weight off of your heart, if only you will listen to the Son of Cups when he asks you to delve within your mind + spirit and release what is weighing you down. The Father of Wands has brought you the courage + motivation for action. Now, the Son of Cups asks you to sit with yourself when you are ready and finish the task of relinquishing the burden.

*Be free*

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